EDMA® offers a large range of durable hand tools for all drywall jobs such as board handling, stud crimping and cutting, measuring and marking, board cutting, drywall taping joint, sanding as well as fixing solutions.

A suitable tool for each specific application, EDMA® drywall tools allow to save time and effort.

There are many innovative drywall tools in the EDMA® product line such as the new generation board lifter EDMAPLAC® 450, to lift plasterboard in every positions. This unique drywall lift machine can also be operated automatically thanks to any kind of power drill.

EDMA® is also the inventor of the "section setting pliers" (or "punch lock riveter") to crimp and fix the metal tracks and studs without any screw or rivet. The EDMA® company introduced the stud crimping tools in the early 80's and it was a big change in the way of fixing the metal framing. Today, the EDMA® stud crimping tools are still the best solution to install the drywall metal profiles quickly and easily.

EDMA® carries also finishing tools such as very ergonomic taping knives. Spreading compound has never been as easy with the PERFECT LISS taping blades thanks to their ultra-thin stainless steel blade.